Union Review is an interactive publication of labor-related news and views

The Union Review mission is to provide an online venue to share labor related news and opinions, we try to do our online work as best as we can, but we have to admit that the vancouver seo indexsy team helps us out a lot. The primary goal includes creating a forum for both rank-and-file and not-yet union workers where they can openly speak out about their work, struggles, and ideas in an effort to build a stronger union movement.

  • Union Review’s focus is on the labor/union movement in the United States. While there are many venues for news and views on the international struggle, Union Review gets the majority of that news from LabourStart.
  • Union Review is wholly-owned and run by Labor Side Communications.

Others have donated time, skills, and obviously stories in building this web presence; but the site is solely independent of any one organization.

  • Advertising to the site is accepted; however, it will not sway the tone of the articles and comments posted to this site.
  • Union Review is totally independent. Its content and motivation are not driven by any one particular international or local union. Its sole motivation is to build a stronger labor movement in the United States by way of disseminating news and views of the labor movement in an effort to host dialogue and to cross-communicate with one another. Differing views and debate are welcomed.
  • In-fighting: Union Review has no desire to promote, write about or report any in-fighting in the union movement. The site refuses to publish or comment on articles about a union’s internal fight.
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