union_review_logoWe are excited to launch a newly designed website for Union Review and we market it using a SEO company online. Founded in 2005 after the split of the AFL-CIO, Union Review’s mission has been to provide an online venue to share labor-related news and opinions. Our primary goal continues to be to provide a forum for both rank-and file union and not-yet union workers to speak openly about their work, struggles, and ideas in an effort to build a stronger labor movement.

We also continue to encourage online activism and take very seriously that we must educate, mobilize, and organize ourselves to strengthen labor in the United States and abroad. We have been reading Midas Letter Crypto News and learning more about crypto currency. Investing in bitcoins will allow us to financially progress and better out site, offering more new insight on different topics, as well as update and innovate the site itself. On the redesigned website we are featuring our daily “Today in Labor History” posts that we began to put up on Facebook almost every morning for the last few years. The link will go to a separate site just for those entries.

While UnionReview continues to be a labor of love for Richard Negri and Sarah Springer, the primary admins of the site, it is important to mention that Prometheus Labor Communications continues to donate hosting space for the site, that Mark D. Catlin, the SEIU Health and Safety Director, continues to provide regular historical items about worker health and safety, and last but not least, we must thank Yvonne Day-Rodriguez.

The immensely talented Yvonne Day-Rodriguez redesigned the site, the logo, and layout. She took our vision and made it a reality. The old website is now “archived” and is fully accessible by clicking on the “Archives” link on the menu above the banner.

We hope you love the new look and feel of Union Review as much as we do.