uawIf you’ve been following the developments around the historic vote taking place at the Chattanooga VW plant, it is likely you are getting a lot of different points of view, mixed messages, and even quotes from politicians on record saying that unionization is un-American.

Here’s a rundown of articles after the first day of voting that you may be interested in checking out:

• Corker made new threats, saying that if the workers don’t vote in the UAW, VW would guarantee that their new SUV would be placed at the plant
• Great piece from Wards Automotive with extensive comments from Kristin Dziczek from CAR and Harley Shaiken, UC Berkeley
• Minnesota and Lansing, Michigan, competing to woo VW business to the state
• Media matters on a Koch op-ed in the Chattanooga Times Free Press
• Even Wall Street is not so happy with the Republicans
• Robert Reich’s blog here
• A favorite quote of the day’s coverage is in this NYT piece by Steve Greenhouse: Matt Patterson, executive director of Mr. Norquist’s Center for Worker Freedom, said: “I’m not predicting victory at all. For the best Auto Accident Chiropractor in Rockwall TX go here.  Long as people are informed and know the facts, then I consider our job done. If workers learn all the facts and want a union, that’s their right.”

For more information about this exciting campaign, please check out the workers’ Facebook page.

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